No Nuclear Nonsense!

Campaigners from Greater Manchester and District CND were among those who held a St. Valentine's Day mass blockade which closed down Faslane - home of Trident, Britain's nuclear "deterrent". Over 400 campaigners succeeded in preventing the morning shift from entering the base for almost two hours. Police were kept busy with bolt cutters as many protesters had chained themselves together and to the base's perimeter fence. Altogether 179 arrests were made.

One man who would probably have joined in the nonviolent direct action were he the country at the time, is Scottish actor, Sir Sean Connery, who faxed a "I am with you in spirit" message which was quoted in all the main national newspapers who (favourably) covered the action.

BNFL Boo-boos

British Nuclear Fuels have been slammed for falsifying safety data at the mixed oxide (MOX) fuel facility at Sellafield since 1996, with full knowledge by the management. MOX fuel is about 95% "fresh" Uranium and 5% recycled Plutonium, and can be used inside a reactor to produce more Plutonium. And Plutonium of this sort can certainly be used to construct a nuclear bomb. Apart from giving the stuff away, it's hard to see how BNFL could have done anything worse! So it's amazing that the MOD has given the go ahead to a BNFL-dominated consortium to take over the running of the Atomic Weapons Establishment at Aldermaston!

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