Twenty Nuclear Free Years

This year is the 20th anniversary of Manchester's "nuclear free" policy. Manchester became the UK's first Nuclear Free City in 1980. At that time many residents felt the cold war threatened the safety of their city. The stance taken by the council was a reflection of those concerns. This move inspired the large, active movement now of 100 local councils all over the country. Links have been made with other councils as far away as Austria, Italy, Switzerland, Germany, Japan, US, New Zealand, France, Russia & Australia who are all working for a nuclear free future.

Manchester council has commissioned a display to commemorate the anniversary. Images depict significant events from the 2 decades including a huge protest in Albert Square (can you spot your friends?!), transport of nuclear waste, the (in)famous dome of the nuclear reactor at Sella-field, & text explaining the history of the nuclear free movement & current pressing issues.

The 1986 Chernobyl nuclear accident contam-inated Cumbria and Wales so badly that sheep grazing there continue to be too radioactive to eat. This shocking disaster, and years of research, have made it clear that nuclear weapons are not the only problem - nuclear power, nuclear waste and transport of nuclear weapons and waste also threaten Manchester.

The UN has declared 2000 as the International Year for a Culture of Peace and Nonviolence for the Children of the World. Each country is asked to ensure that, "the practice of peace and nonviolence is taught at every level of society." Manchester plays an integral part of this process: it brings a culture of peace to local authority level.

The display itself is colourful and of extremely high quality and would make an impressive backdrop to any talk on anti-nuclear issues and would also be suitable for display in a gallery, museum, library, students union, cafe or other supervised area. If you would like to borrow the display please contact NFLA:

Nuclear Free Local Authorities (0161 234 3244)

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