Withdraw from NatWest

The campaign against NatWest continues with activists from Manchester and elsewhere in the North West succeeding in closing down four branches on no less than three occasions in just one week! The campaigners are protesting about the 24.5 million that NatWest bank has lent to the notorious vivisection company, Huntingdon Life Sciences (see previous Networking Newsletter).

In February, members of Manchester Animal Protection (MAP), held a demonstration outside a city centre branch of NatWest. Since recent protests had met with some problems from the local police and Council "rangers" objecting to the use of a megaphone, it was decided that this time somebody would climb up on the roof of the shop opposite and then direct the megaphone to the bank from there! A dictophone was used to play back a tape of HLS workers actually beating up the beagles, directly (and deafening!) into the bank itself - bank staff and customers were left in no doubt as to the reality of what goes on inside HLS. The bank manager was on the phone straight away and some kind of animated discussion a