Trees not Skis

(Details lifted from Loombreaker#7)

Xanada - sounds ideal but the plans for a local Xanada are more like hell. Xanadu is Wigan council's idea for Europe's largest indoor ski centre. to be built on a green field site right next to a site of special biological interest and will adversely affect wildlife.

Currently, activist Chris Maile has the upper hand in the battle over the Xanadu development and the associated park and ride scheme masquerading as Kenyon Junction train station. The Xanadu and Kenyon Junction public inquiries are running concurrently but they are intrinsically connected since the financial viability of Xanadu is seriously challenged if the Kenyon Junction does not go ahead.

The Xanadu site is next to the Wigan Flashes - a nationally significant bird reserve - and is used by residents of nearby council estates. The developer, backed by the council, wants to replace this local resource with a 55 metre high ski slope, 2 hotels, cinema, nightclub, swimming pool, casino, retail developements and so on.

All the evidence has been heard in the Xanadu inquiry and now awaits the Secretary of State's decision. The Kenyon Junction inquiry, however, has been postponed awaiting an Environmental Impact Assessment after a judge ruled that a full EIA is required before a public inquiry in order that the public may have access to it and make representations.

Chris Maile, Campaign for Planning Sanity (01942 513792,

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