Stop the Slaughter

Held each year near Southport, Merseyside, the sickening "Waterloo Cup" attracts thousands of bloodsports enthusiasts from around the country who enjoy 3 days of getting drunk and watching "hare coursing" greyhounds released to chase and kill hares. Hares are "beaten" into the fields surrounding the event and forced into the coursing field one at a time, past two dogs who are then released. Points are awarded for making the hare turn. The object is not the death of the hare - this is merely a by-product of the sick game. Some hares escape to possibly be hunted again later. Others are caught and are torn between the two dogs in a horrific tug of war. They are either killed by being torn apart or have their neck broken by an official.

Brown hares are officially listed as a threatened species as their population on a national level is dangerously low. Help us to remind the general public that hunting with hounds is not simply about fox hunting, but it also encompasses hare, stag and mink hunting. Coursing is often over looked as a bloodsport, but it is a "sport" that can be relegated to the history books by a ban on hunting with hounds.

A major march and demonstration will take place on the first day of the Cup, Tuesday 22 February. Meet at Tesco car park on corner of A565 (Southport/Liverpool road) and B5195 at 10.30am. Bring banners, placards, whistle, hunting horns and bring your friends to make this the biggest (and last!) one ever.

North West Campaign Against Bloodsports (

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