Time for Peace and Sharing Visions

The United Nations Association has designated the year 2000 as the "International Year for a Culture of Peace and Nonviolence". They're asking people to pledge to respect all life, to reject violence, to share with others, to listen to understand, to preserve the planet and to rediscover solidarity. Check out our online activism web pages for links to the UNA pledge.
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Shared Visions

Bertrand Russell, Albert Einstein and Marie Curie are coming to Manchester to celebrate 20 Years of Manchester's Nuclear Free Policy. They're all part of the "A Vision Shared" photographic exhibition which is in Manchester to commemorate 20 years of being a Nuclear Free City. The exhibition, which illustrates the history of the peace movement from the First World War to the present day, is on display in Manchester Town Hall until 25 February.

Manchester has a long history of peace work. Evidence of this can be found in Lincoln Square, the Pankhurst Centre, the National Museum of Labour History and the Pump House Museum of People's History. The Nuclear Free Local Authorities movement, initiated by Manchester City Council in 1980, is a dynamic and contemporary part of this tradition. The exhibition illustrates clearly how all of these pieces fit together.

And Jesus said, "Suffer little child..."
"A Vision Shared" was produced by the Peace Museum in Bradford. The Peace Museum is part of an international network of over 60 peace museums world-wide and is the first of its kind in Britain. Images on this page and through out the newsletter are taken from the exhibition which can be viewed on the Peace Museum's web Site at http://www.bradford.gov.uk/tourism/museums/peacemuseum.htm.

Stewart Kemp or Clare Frisby (0161 234 3244, nfznsc@gn.apc.org)

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