What's All This Then?

The Networking Newsletter that you see before you is just the tip of the iceburg. Inside you'll find all the latest news on environmental, developmental, human rights, animal rights, peace, gender and other "social justice" campaigns. And 4 packed pages of activities to get involved with. There's also a small library of publications you can borrow items from, up-to-the-second news, a comprehensive contacts list with hundreds of links to other useful web sites.

But it doesn't all happen by magic. I wish! Unfortunately, there's a lot of work still to do is promoting the Networking Newsletter, raising much needed funds and coming up with new, exciting ways of obtaining and distributing information that's vital to Manchester's activists and campaigners. If you would like to volunteer some time then please ring me on [pls use email].

The Networking Newsletter is available by subscription for very reasonable rates. Free copies are also distributed around the city, primarily at the One World Centre, 6 Mount Street and Frontline Books, 255 Wilmslow Road. Due to lack of free money, I can't promise there will always be free issues so please subscribe (it means I don't have to keep forking out all my spare money as well as all my spare time!).

Next Issue

The next issue is due out in mid-March but please send articles in straight after an action, once you know when you're having a public meeting, and so on. All (suitable) articles will get in to a printed newsletter if the time's right, but will always be put in the "Stop Press" part of the web site. Contributions to 6 Mount St, Manchester M2 5NS, fax: 834 8187, info@networkingnewsletter.org.uk Where possible, articles should be 50-200 words long and assume a little prior knowledge by the reader.

Michael :)

Remember to let others know of the NETWORKING NEWSLETTER.

You must credit the Networking Newsletter Project if you copy or print any of it for photocopying/distributing or email parts to others. Include the Networking Newsletter's phone number ([pls use email]) and email address (info@networkingnewsletter.org.uk) with all credits. And don't forget to submit your articles for future issues!

The Networking Newsletter Project relies on donations to survive so, to encourage you to subscribe to the real thing, we have included here but a sample of the printed newsletter.


This section covers news, information, and updates on campaigns and issues relevant to activists in the region, as covered in the printed newsletter with updates as appropriate. Also check out our new STOP PRESS section.

This Month's Top Stories
Does the Government think you're a terrorist?
Campaigners worried by Blair's proposed Prevention of Terrorism bill

Don't take the Mickey
"Labour Behind the Label" do a Disney Demo

GM Cotton is Pants
Activists say "knickers" to Marks & Sparks' GM-free policy

Culture, Peace and Nonviolence
What are Bertrand Russell, Albert Einstein and Marie Curie doing in Manchester?!

Trees not Skis
Xanadu, Wigan is more of an environmentalists' hell than anybody's stately pleasure dome


Stop the Waterloo Slaughter
Campaigning against hare coursing

On the Line
Jon Snow and company launch some Millennium Awards

$$$$hell Actions
Recent actions in memory of Ken Saro Wiwa's execution for speaking out about Shell's destruction of the Ogoni lands, Nigeria

Uranium Depletes Life
Guess what they're putting in fork lift trucks

Volunteering Helpline
Help line for volunteers


  Not included in the on-line version
News included in the newsletter, but not here, includes:
  • Actions not Words
    James Bond (Pierce Brosnan) supports WWF's promotion of sustainable forestry.

  • Training courses
    MERCi are running some on Straw Bale Construction, Permaculture and Welding. MERCi (0161 273 1736, merci@bridge-5.org)

Campaign Consumerism

The NETWORKING NEWSLETTER relies heavily on donations, generally from those busy campaigning and with little (if any) spare money. If everybody who read the newsletter subscribed then there'd be no problems. And, as I always say, just £6 per person brings the latest campaign news straight to your doorstep! So, if you can, please subscribe today!


If you'd like to place an advert in the next issue of the Newsletter, then it's dead cheap! An eight (of A4) page advert is £15 up to £75 for a full page in the printed newsletter and £25 for an advert on our Web site.

Given our readership is well over 500 groups (and thus thousands of individuals) per issue, it's the best way to get your message across. Please note that only adverts from those meeting our Ethical Criteria will be considered. If you're interested, give Michael a call today on [pls use email].

Clash Avoidance Calendar

The hardcopy of the Networking Newsletter includes a double-page colour pull out "clash avoidance calendar" which gives a graphical description of who's doing what, when and where.

Activities are spilt between


Check out the most up-to-date and comprehensive contacts list of campaigners in and around Manchester.


An (almost) regular feature in the Networking Newsletter is a spotlight on different groups working towards similar goals. Previous Networking Newsletters have focused on the following:

These links are no longer available due to a problem with a contributor's server - please email us if you'd like a copy emailed to you

Enquiries about the Networking Newsletter Project should be made to:
Networking Newsletter Project, 6 Mount Street, Manchester M2 5NS.
Tel: [pls use email]
Fax: 0161 834 8187 (clearly marked FAO: Michael, Networking Newsletter)
Email: info@networkingnewsletter.org.uk