New OK Cafe Opens

STOP PRESS: the OK Cafe closed at the start of the new year.

Okasional... The "OKasional Cafe 6" is now (14/11/99) being set up at 61, Brighton Grove, Rusholme, opposite Birchfields Park. There's a programme of events for the first week already, but the space is there to be used for meetings, events, workshops, exhibtions, performance, music, food, and whatever else your heart desires and you can dream up. If you want to get involved in the running of the cafe, or want to put on an event, come to the OK cafe collective meetings at 6pm, Wednesdays.

Opening times:
Mondays: from 6pm - meal and event
Wednesdays: from 6pm - cafe collective meeting, meal, cinema and event
Saturdays: from 10pm - all night party

OK Cafe 6 (079 777 60842 or c/o 226 6814)

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