Bloody Jobs?!

The summer's been full of people leaving University, full of dodgy companies trying to recruit people and, thankfully, full of actions to highlight what these companies really offer - environmental destruction, death and crap wages. Here's some of the activities around Manchester.

Unfair Careers Fairs

Two careers fairs have recently been disrupted by Earth First!ers. At the start of October, inside G-Mex, British Aerospace (BAe) were once again targeted. Their stall was shut down for 40 minutes by one person who locked himself to it while the rest gave out leaflets and talked to people about the various dodgy activities BAe are involved in. Many people asked for careers information and got told that BAe no longer had any jobs unless you can kill people. Eventually police turned up and after some confusion in taking down part of the stall every one got chucked out.

At a careers fair in the Academy, a number of different companies were targeted by protesters. BNFL was the target of the student group who, dressed in white radiation suits, tried to dismantle the stall telling BNFL that as Manchester was a Nuclear Free City, they would have to leave. Round the corner, other EF!ers occupied the Tarmac stall, turning it into an environmentally friendly zone, and forcing any potential recruits to talk to Tarmac outside this zone. Apparently, many of the brochures ended up in the bin where they belong - any company which destroys massive chunks of our environment, builds private prisons and the new GCHQ, deserves much worse.

Dye in

At the end of September activists staged a "die in" in protest at Manchester University's investment in the arms trade. This took place in the Whitworth building, where students were queuing to pay their fees. The university has 25 million worth of shares in British Aerospace which, until recently, sold Hawk jets to Indonesia which have been used against the people of East Timor.

Five women activists screamed, threw red vegetable dye over themselves and fell onto the floor, while others unfurled a banner, shouted and gave out leaflets. Most of those who hadn't "died" were swiftly and roughly ejected. An official told students not to worry because it wasn't real blood! The protest ended in success when the university's investment manager agreed to meet students to discuss the issue.

Wanted: Mass Murderers

joke (1/2) joke (2/2) British Aerospace held a careers seminar at Manchester University, where they hoped to attract young people to join the company which manufactures weapons of mass destruction. BAe makes the Hawk fighter jets that were sold to Indonesia and then used for years in repressing the people of East Timor.

Four people heard about the careers seminar the previous day, and decided to let the students know what BAe is responsible for. Two came to the door holding a banner and leaflets, but were refused entry by security guards. Luckily the other two were already inside, so one woman held the door open while another explained their reasons for being there. BAe panicked and shut down the seminar - allowing the four people to discuss BAe's practices with attendees. Meanwhile about 20 people from the student Socialist Worker Party turned up to support the protest.

The seminar was eventually cancelled, after much time for exchange of views. This seems to be for a combination of reasons: more of the people present were opposed to the seminar than wanted it; the police failed to turn up, obviously having better things to do; also a video projector cable had mysteriously disappeared (not another one...). In general it was a good way to spend an evening. Let's hope BAe realise they are not wanted in Manchester.

British Aerospace Campaign (Michael on [pls use email])
Manchester Earth First (0161 226 6814)

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