Nuclear Free LAs and LA21

Nuclear Free Local Authorities recently met in Rotherham for their Annual Conference amid growing concern about nuclear safety. The conference came on the back of the nuclear disaster in Japan and new revelations about highly enriched uranium fuel production at Rolls Royce, Derby and continuing breaches of safety at the Aldermaston atomic weapons plant. The NFLAs resolved to press harder for more information about practices at UK nuclear plants which put the public at risk.

NFLAs also opposed Alde-maston's application to the Environment Agency for radio-active discharge authorisations to enable nuclear weapons work to continue. NFLAs said there was no justification for radio-active discharges from nuclear weapons' work because the work is part of Labour's nuclear deterrence policy and in 1996 the UN International Court of Justice declared nuclear threats illegal in international law.

NFLA Secretariat (234 3244)

The Networking Newsletter would like to point out that Manchester City Council's Local Agenda 21 (LA21) doesn't even mention that the city is a Nuclear Free Zone! Maybe somebody should tell them by ringing Annette Birch and Anne Morgan on 234 4516.
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