Campaign for a Living Wage

Stall In October, "Labour Behind the Label" turned the heads of shoppers in St Ann's Square, at the launch of the Campaign for a Living Wage. But the amusing spectacle was backed by a serious message. They aimed to raise awareness of how poor wages affect garment workers lives and encouraged concern-ed shoppers to send postcards to help put pressure on 13 British retailers and big brand names to take steps to ensure workers are paid a living wage.

Shopper From Manchester to Macau, Bolton to Bangladesh, workers everywhere are struggling to make ends meet because of the poverty wages they receive to make clothes for high street retailers and companies. Gar-ment workers in Bulgaria have to work 5hrs to buy a pound of pork. In Indonesia workers have seen the value of their wages plummet and cannot afford the basic necessities such as clothes, meat and fish. Even in the UK, homeworkers still work for anything from 75p an hour.

Campaigners were joined by Bangdung Saputro and Arist Merdeka Sirait, Indonesian labour rights activists who support workers making clothes for British high street retailers. In a meeting later Arist explained how the economic crisis had affected people in Indonesia and the situation of workers post-Suharto.

Jessica, Labour Behind the Label (0161 247 1760)

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