No to Monsanto

The last couple of months has seen increasing public scepticism of GE foods reach right to the heart of the beast - with Monsanto considering splitting its biotech section, pledges not to use the terminator technology, and the Deutsch Bank report urging disinvestment in the biotech industry. Good news, but don't be fooled. We still need to be sending out the 'No Gmo' message to them loud and clear, and focussing on a broader areas including animal feed, GE cotton and Human genetic engineering (meeting being planned for January).

On the 8th and 9th November Genetix Snowball again appeared in court to argue for the right for a full trial to determine whether Monsanto should have their injunction(see previous issues of the Networking Newsletter). After two days, the judges retired to consider the position, which will be delivered in a further court appearance at a date undecided as yet.

STOP PRESS: The judges decided in favour of Monsanto and granted a full injunction, without the need for a public trial.

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