Tackling the Fur Trade

Coalition Against the Fur Trade (CAFT) UK is a national grass roots anti-fur campaign based in the NW. We link together local animal protection groups to fight the fur trade on a local, national and global level, as well as carrying out investigations and educational and political work.

Ermine in trap

One of our current campaigns is to try and stop fashion retailers selling real fur, and Altrincham-based company Emma Somerset is feeling the pressure at the moment. Emma Somerset has several branches in the NW (Manchester, Southport, Wilmslow and Chester). After a month of trying to negotiate with them to pull out all their fur stock (which is mainly trim on coats) and introduce a policy of refusing to sell fur in the future, we have started to protest outside their stores. Some of you will know of our successful campaign earlier this year to persuade retailers Karen Millen to stop using fur, and this campaign is being run on a similar basis.

We need as many people as possible to contact Emma Somerset and tell them that you will never shop there until they pull out all their real fur and issue a written guarantee never to sell it in the future. (OK, I know that if you're reading Networking Newsletter, you're never gonna shop at ES anyway, but they don't know you're a vegan anti-consumerist; to them you're a potential customer!) Please contact the head office at: Emma Somerset, Roscoe Park, Park Rd, Timperley, Altrincham, WA14 5QH. Tel: 973 6344, e-mail: EmmaSom@aol.com

Also, please come and support our pickets at both ES and other fur retailers. Contact us by e-mail or phone for details of latest demos. If you see real fur being sold anywhere let us know asap so we can try and try and get it stopped. November and December see the time when the UK's 13 mink fur farms kill 100,000 mink and CAFT has various protests to highlight this and put pressure on the government to honour their pledge to ban fur farming. The NW is the centre of the fur farming industry, with 5 mink farms in Lancashire and 1 near Stoke. Our National Anti-Fur Week (13-21 November) is a focusing point for protests across the country. If you want to help, or just want to know more, get in touch.

Coalition to Abolish the Fur Trade (07939 264 864, caft@caft.org.uk)

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