Bars' Recycling Shame

Manchester FoE launched a campaign over the summer with the objective of getting all Manchester pubs to recycle their empty non- returnable bottles. Their quick survey of 50 pubs showed that, astonishingly, the majority of pubs were sending their easily recyclable bottles to landfill (and often paying to do so!).

Manchester FoE will be campaigning over the next few months to highlight the poor recycling performance of pubs, caf‚ bars and restaurants in the city. We are concerned that the recent explosion in the number of bars in the city has not been matched by an increase in businesses recycling and is leading to an increase in the amount of waste generated.

Pubs who are recycling include Sand Bar, Old Garratt, Dimitris, Bar 38 and Atlas Bar. Amongst those Manchester FoE found not to be recycling were City Arms, Generation X, Elemental and JW Johnsons. If you're thinking of frequenting these over Christmas, why not ask them why they don't recycle their bottles like other pubs?

The poor recycling performance of pubs is typical of the wider picture of waste management failure in the country generally with the UK being one of the worst recycling performers in Europe. Glass is one of the easiest materials to recycle. Every tonne of glass recycled saves over one tonne of raw materials like sand and limestone - this means less quarrying, less damage to our countryside, less pollution, valuable energy savings and less global warming.

Contact us if you would like to help with our recycling campaign. We'd like to expand the campaign to the suburbs and need people to research whether pubs in their area are recycl-ing or not (what more excuse do you need?!)

Mary Lawson, Manchester Friends of the Earth (0161 834 8221,

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