Hillgrove Hell Hole Closes

After a couple of years of intense pressure from all sections of the animal rights movement, the only breeding farm for cats for "scientific research", Hillgrove Farm, has closed. During the last two years, there have been regular (monthly?), massively attended, sometimes violent, demonstrations at Hillgrove Farm during which Thames Valley Police have spent nearly £3 million "protecting" the farm house and policing demonstrations. There have been 350 people arrested and 21 have spent time inside for the sake of these cats.

Heather James of "Save the Hillgrove Cats" said, "This has never been about us or Christopher Brown [the owner of the farm], it has been about the cats and their safety... we said we would never go away until it was shut. Without our pressure, Mr. Brown would not have given up what was a very lucrative business. He could have sold it for a healthy profit, but now he has been forced to give it all up. This is one of the happiest days of my life."

The National Anti-Vivisection Society (NAVS) pointed out that, "Research centres will still have access to cats from other sources and will continue to use themin unneccessary and unreliable tests." The Home Office, who hand out permits for vivisection centres, warned that cats may now come from abroad where premises may not be so well regulated.

Despite this warnings, the closure of Hillgrove Farm should be seen as a major victory.

Quotes taken from The Guardian.

For more information on local animal rights campaigns, contact Manchester Animal Protection (0845 456 2492).

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