Update: Trial: all go free

A57(M) - The Road to Anarchy

The "Mini" Reclaim The Streets announced in Manchester for Friday 30 April, has been deemed a success with a motorway blocked, the city centre gridlocked and 6 hours of partying despite heavy police presence including helicopters, CS gas attacks and cops in riot gear. However, a small number of people have expressed concern over the outcome and scratched their heads at the original plans.

The plan was to block a side-street near the university, to protest against their transport policies. But the police, (presumably) expecting the much larger Oxford Road to be taken, sent in the riot squad. A couple of cop units surged into the crowd, batonning and stamping on people. More people, including many student bystanders, moved in to protect the sound system which was forced back out onto Oxford Road.

Now mobile, the party carried on. It moved towards the inner city motorway A57(M) where the party continued for several hours, blocking the traffic over most of South Manchester on Bank Holiday Friday afternoon. 10 arrests were made, and 10 cops were injured.

The 10 arrested people are in court on June 7th. There will be a silent(ish) vigil outside the Magistrates Court from 10.30ish. Keep eyes and ears open for news of a benefit party for the confiscated sound system costs. Probably 4-6th June time.

Info: 0161 226 6814.

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