Has your Local got the Bottle?

Manchester Friends of the Earth recently launched a campaign with the objective of getting all city centre pubs to reuse or recycle their bottles. The group's research suggests that most bars and pubs in Manchester are currently sending their empties to landfill which is a shameful waste of resources. Using their research, the group will publish a role of honour congratulating those bars who recycle. They hope this will shame those bars who do not recycle into introducing recycling into their bars.

The group are planning lots of fun activities to publicise the campaign and will be conducting more research of licensed premises in the centre, including "sociable" pub visits (crawls?) in order to gain first hand information! Volunteers are always welcome - either come to a Campaigns Meeting on the 2nd Tuesday of the month at 7pm in the One World Centre, 6 Mount Street or ring the office.
Flashback to the first ever FoE action, 1971, when thousands of non-returnable bottles were returned to Schweppe's HQ

Manchester Friends of the Earth (0161 834 8221)

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