Happy Dove Day!

In 2000, Manchester will celebrate its twentieth "Nuclear Free Zone" anniversary. In 1980, Manchester was the first council anywhere to declare itself a Nuclear Free Zone. Since then, the movement has spread and gained contacts from as far afield as Japan, Nigeria, Ghana and Argentina. You will have seen Manchester City Council's famous peace dove signs on main roads coming into Manchester and, hopefully, the Peace Gardens and even some of the various Peace Sculptures. It is less likely that you will have noticed that the organisation as a whole has been researching, lobbying and gathering expertize and contacts in aid of abolishing nuclear weapons and nuclear power and doing lots of campaigning on behalf of Manchester People.

If you would like to help celebrate this anniversary, we are planning to put together a free standing display which will be ready for next year for you have in your library, school, cafe, museum, community centre and so on. The display will depict some of the more colourful events in our twenty year history. If you would like to have the display for a while, or have suggestions for other ways to celebrate this important anniversary please contact me.

Clare Frisby, Nuclear Free Local Authorities (0161 234 3244, nfznsc@gn.apc.org)

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