Fair Careers at Careers Fair

Q) What do the following have in common? Answers:
  1. They all take an active role in killing people, animals or the planet in general (see previous editions of the Networking Newsletter).
  2. They will all be participating in the "Manchester Graduate Recruitment Fair" run by the Manchester universities and The Guardian newspaper.
  3. The fair is being held at the Armitage (sports) Centre off Moseley Road (the continuation of Wilbraham Road out of Fallowfield towards Kingsway) on Wednesday 23 and Thursday 24 June - less than a week after national Anti Arms Trade Week and the June 18 demonstrations.

    In order to draw students' attention to the fact that these companies, and many others exhibiting, are ruthlessly exploiting the earth's resources, despite the implicit thumbs up from The Guardian (who are showing themselves not to be true guardians of the planet and its people, as they like to pretend), and to promote more ethical employment, there will be a large demonstration outside the main entrance on the second day, Thursday 24 June, starting at 9:45am. Together with other groups, the Networking Newsletter Project will produce a flier to hand out, placards for people to hold, and arrange a press call. All groups are welcome to join the nonviolent picket and to bring their own banners. If enough people are interested, we can hold another vigil during the first day too.

    If you're interested in coming to the demonstration, helping with the organisation and publicity, or wish to make a donation to cover costs, please make contact ASAP!

    Michael, Networking Newsletter Project ([pls use email], info@networkingnewsletter.org.uk)

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