Bread not Bombs

The trial of the "Bread not Bombs" ploughshares activists - 3 Swedes who disarmed the Trident submarine HMS Vengeance at the Barrow VSEL ship yards last September - ended in a hung jury. After an 8 day trial, during which the judge denied the activists' defence of stopping a larger crime, and over 7 hours deliberation the jury were unable to reach even a majority verdict on whether the Swedes were guilty of "conspiracy to commit criminal damage".

The judge granted Stellan Vintahagen, Anikka Spalde and Ann-Britt Sternfeldt bail with the single restriction that they could not approach mile from the Barrow ship yards (although they can return to Sweden!). The defence barrister pointed out that this won't be a problem since the Trident submarine had already left Barrow!

The future of the court case was discussed by the judge and the Attorney General and, at the "Directions" hearing in Preston at the end of May the judge revealed that there would be a retrial, starting on Monday 11 October at Preston Crown Court.

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