Shit Happens Naturally

Monday 19 to Sunday 25 April is "Real Nappy Week" and the Manchester Real Nappy Network will be using the week to encourage parents to think about using real nappies on their babies rather than disposables. Using real nappies can save parents hundreds of pounds and is also better for the environment.

In Britain, we throw away 9 million disposable nappies per day. They constitute over 4% of all household waste, and for every £1 spent on buying disposable nappies, Council Tax payers spend 10p disposing of them!

Manchester Real Nappy Network has just received £1000 in grants to help in its work. This money will pay for producing leaflets and posters which will be distributed throughout Greater Manchester.

Our network is a group of parents who are trying to promote the use of real nappies. We do a small amount of campaigning and have a comprehensive "nappy library" of all the different types of reusables available. If you would like to know more, or join us, please give us a ring.

Lynda, M/c Real Nappy Network (0161 223 9814)

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