You Bet They Die

Every year in Britain and Ireland thousands of greyhounds end their racing lives. The 30,000 greyhounds that are surplus to the racing industry are more likely to end their days, not in front of a warm fire, but drowned, poisoned, beaten to death, starved, dumped on the streets or impounded and destroyed.

Greyhound puppies are killed if they fail to reach racing standard. Around two thirds are deemed fit, while the other third will put to death before they will reach a year old. The natural life-span of a greyhound is about 14 years, but the lives of most of those in racing end at 2 years old. Most greyhound owners and trainers, who are in the business to make a profit, are not prepared to pay the costs of allowing greyhounds to live out their natural lives. Many are not even prepared to pay the price of having the dogs humanely put to sleep by a vet. Ex-racing greyhounds are used in cruel experiments, both in this country and abroad. In 1994 there were 12 painful experiments using greyhounds in British laboratories.

Greyhound Action, formed in 1997, is seeking to educate the public about the dark side of greyhound racing, so that support for this so-called "sport" withers away. We are also attempting to put pressure on the government to ban greyhound racing altogether. We know it will take a long battle to achieve such a ban, but it is not an impossible aim, as greyhound racing has been abolished in 6 states in the USA since 1993. As part of our campaign a petition calling for a ban on greyhound racing has been produced, as well as leaflets, factsheets, posters, badges and stickers.

From the 22nd to 29th of May 1999, Greyhound Action will be staging Greyhound Awareness Week with the aim of educating the public not to support greyhound racing. Many local animal protection groups and concerned individuals will be taking part in this by doing street stalls, writing letters to newspapers and doing interviews in the local media. Leaflets will also be distributed to those attending greyhound races.

Greyhound Action (, 01562 745778)
Manchester Animal Protection (0845 456 2492)

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