Operation Green Bricks

MERCi is a project setting up a centre for sustainable development in Manchester. It will provide examples of sustainable living in a city: from sustainable local economies to community gardening; from low cost energy efficiency to accessibility issues. It will include an exhibition, office and workshop space, cafe and will actively reach out to people across Manchester.

Over the last 3 years MERCi has secured substantial amounts of funding towards the project, including a recent £210,000. This has moved MERCi into a very crucial phase, because (as with all good things) it comes with strings - we need to match it! So, while we continue to apply to trusts, it has become clear that it is time to launch our public appeal.

We have groups and individuals organising various events from a gourmet vegetarian banquet, to a sponsored "sort the school garden out in a day", to a Grim Reapers pub quiz (20 May). We will be involving local schools and businesses, and there will be collection points around the city where members of the public will be able to buy their "Green Brick" .

So, (surprise, surprise!), we need your help and being generous types we'll give you various options of how you can do it. You can:

Please contact us if you are interested. Any help will be hugely appreciated - every Green Brick brings the Centre closer to reality.

Helen, Manchester Environmental Resource Centre initiative (0161 273 1736, merci@bridge-5.org)

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