Networking Newsletter: Issue 23: April/May'99

Last updated: April 1999

Another Spring, and the activists' saps are rising as you will see from the amazing number of actions happening! Feel free to copy and distribute the information you find here to friends, but always acknowledge the source!

So what is the Networking Newsletter?
As many people have said, "It's great", ".the best way to find out what's really going on in Manchester's campaigning scene", and "a bloody good buy"!

Every other month, the Newsletter gives news on what groups have been up to and what they have planned, a huge list of campaigners and activists, and a multi-colour "Clash Avoidance Calendar" listing over 200 forthcoming meetings, demos and other events. That's the printed version - this Web site has most (but not all) the news included, but on the other hand is updated at least weekly.

This issue…
This issue we have a feature on genetically modified food, we pop into the OK-asional (Squat) Cafe and round up the anti-war campaigns. There's plenty of other news on lots of other campaigns, and the usual events listings.

Unfortunately the good people at MARC have decided to switch their internet stuff away from Poptel which means the Networking Newsletter's web site will be moving soon. All members will be notified of this. Others should fill in a form to join our notification list.

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This section covers news, information, and updates on campaigns and issues relevant to activists in the region, as covered in the printed newsletter with updates as appropriate. Also check out our new STOP PRESS section.
Balking at the Balkans
Ethnic cleansing is bad, but is NATO any better?

Genetic Madness
Recent local actions, and some history so you know what's going on regarding GM (genetically modified) food

Monster Shopping Trip
Shit Happens!
Babies need nappies, but does the environment need 9 million disposable nappies every year? So, what are the alternatives?

Clean Suits but Dirty Deals
Stopping British Aerospace's deadly business

Boycott Bacardi
Why this particular alcohol is bad for you, if you live in Cuba

boycott Bacardi
Don't be a mug
The ASA thinks Nestle go to far with their claims of being responsible. Find out how Nescafe kills.

On the Buses
Winning entries from GMTAG's "how to improve public transport" competition

Green Bricks
Latest on the MERCi environment centre

You Bet They Die
Report on the effects of greyhound racing

OKasional Cafe
Colorful while it lasted, here's the report on Cafe number 4

@K Squ@t C@fe


  Not included in the on-line version
News included in the newsletter, but not here, includes:
  • Global Education Crisis
    Oxfam launch their "Education Now" campaign to educate the quarter of children at school age who receive no education at all

  • Proof by Inducement?
    More about Manchester airport sponsoring research into sustainable aviation!

  • Manchester Environmental Education Network
    MEEN relaunches

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