Boycott Bacardi - Support Cuba

Activists from the Cuba solidarity campaign have been subvertising Bacardi adverts around London as a boycott campaign against the drinks company. One activist told SchNEWS "The adverts using the vibrancy of Cuba's music and culture to sell its rum hides the fact that although Bacardi promotes its Cuban roots vigorously, in reality it is a major opponent of the Cuban Revolution."

Before being booted out in 1959, the wealthy Bacardi family made huge profits out of the wretched poverty and hard labour of Cuban sugar workers. Today, based in the Bahamas and worth $1.8 billion, Bacardi is a major backer of the illegal United States blockade of Cuba and its lawyers helped draft key sections of the Helms-Burton Act, which further tightens the blockade and demands the return of its lands and assets in Cuba seized by the Revolution. She continued "Drinking Bacardi means supporting US aggression against Cuba. Drinking Havana Club rum, meanwhile, now produced in a joint venture between Cuba and the French company Pernod, actively helps supply hard currency to the Revolution. So avoid a hangover from the past - drink with a clear conscience and support the Cuban Revolution."

From Schnews (01273 685 923) and Squall (

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