Balking at the Balkans

War seems to be the theme of the Clinton-Blair partnership. Firstly the bombing of Iraq, which was resisted by Manchester activists. And don't think there's been any let up - missions are being flown over Iraq each and every day. And now the Balkans. Whilst it is undeniable that the history of the region is extremely complex, can anybody believe that any number of bombs will bring about a lasting, peaceful solution? One can even feel that the UK media is not at all sure that the government who's pulling their strings is doing the right thing. We must not sit back and wait to see what happens. With the huge amount of uncertainty present in the country we should be making every effort to sway the consensus from "going along with the government" to a "it's wrong and I want the government to stop" point of view.

The (Greater) Manchester Against War in the Balkans (MAWITB) coalition, including Greater Manchester and District Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament, SWP, Socialist Alliance and Manchester Community Health UNISON, have set up a web site at and held a very well attended public meeting on 13 April.

Regular vigils are also being held outside the Friends Meeting House (Quakers) on Mount Street from 5 to 6pm every Wednesday and "Voice of Peace" are holding a inter-faith time from 1-5pm on Sunday 18 April in St Anne's Church. There's also a large demonstration in London on Saturday 17 April with coaches from Manchester. Full details of all these are given in the Events Listings section or from the below contacts.

Manchester Against War in the Balkans (Mark 881 7352, John 224 4197, Norma 834 8301)

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