Clean Suits for Dirty Deals

Help challenge the British Aerospace (BAe) "men in suits" about their dirty deals at the BAe AGM on Wednesday 28 April at the Queen Elizabeth II conference centre down in London. Members of Manchester Campaign Against Arms Trade and the British Aerospace Campaign will join hundreds of other protesters. Token shareholders will go in to the meeting to ensure the board know the depth of concern over their deals, while others will partake in a rally and nonviolent direct action outside.

But why British Aerospace? Well, the weapons toting company is already Europe's largest producer of bombs and bullets and it's about to buy up the military wing of GEC, making it yet bigger still. And we're talking big - BAe already sells over £17 million of "defence" equipment each and every day! And they're not bothered about who they sell death to - their subsidiary Heckler and Koch is now providing the manufacturing facilities for 200,000 assault rifles for the Turkish military who continue their brutal repression of the Kurdish people, and another 16 BAe Hawk attack fighters are due to leave the UK for Indonesia despite world-wide protest about human rights abuses and the on-going illegal occupation of East Timor. And that's to say nothing of the billions the company is making out of NATO's messy involvement in former Yugoslavia.

People from Manchester are travelling down by train. If you'd like to join us, contact us!

Manchester Campaign Against Arms Trade (Helen on 0161 226 4599)
British Aerospace Campaign ([pls use email])

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