Battle at Waterloo

The annual premier event of the slaughter of brown hares known as the "Waterloo Cup" takes place again near Southport in February. The 3 day "event" involves the chasing and killing of hares by greyhounds. This "Grand National" of the hare coursing world attracts thousands of blood-thirsty scum from around the country. The failure of the anti-hunt Private Members' Bill last year means this event will attract a lot of media attention as the pro-hunters will be bragging that they are still allowed to participate in their bloodthirsty games. The Cheshire Forest Foxhunt have even cancelled their days hunting in order to bus people to the Cup.

A major demo is taking place on Tuesday 23 February. Meet at 11:30am at the Tesco car park near Formby on the junction of the A565 and B5195 and march to the coursing grounds setting off at 12pm. For more info, directions, and transport details contact 0151 726 0339. For transport details from Manchester contact 07931 586 826. Please show your opposition to this killing - hares are a declining and threatened species yet these people are allowed to kill them for fun.