Rolls Royce Nuclear Ghost

Twelve activists who were arrested last October at Rolls Royce's nuclear site in Derby appeared in front of magistrates on 4 December for a preliminary hearing. They were facing charges of conspiracy to commit criminal damage, a charge which carries a possible ten year jail sentence. The activists had allegedly entered the nuclear site, where the radioactive nuclear fuel which powers Trident submarines is produced and transported. Fortunately, the conspiracy charges were dropped, and now all twelve face charges of criminal damage, with two also charged with "obstruction of a police officer".

As described in the last Networking Newsletter, the twelve were part of a larger demonstration which aimed to highlight Rolls Royce's involvement in the nuclear trade, including the transportation through Derby and other towns in the country, of radioactive substances. Big banners in front of the base informed passing drivers that "Rolls Royce Drives Nuclear Weapons". Some Derby locals turned up to inform us that they are "scared to death" about having the UK's "most secure" nuclear site on their doorstep. Many people in the area are completely unaware of Rolls Royce's involvement in this dangerous business, and activists were aiming to tell people the facts which Rolls Royce would rather keep under wraps. With front page coverage in the local paper, and many local radio and TV reports, there can be few people who are still in the dark about the dangers Rolls Royce are exposing them to.

The Pre-Trial Review was held in early January, and we expect a trial date was set - we'll post this on the Networking Newsletter web site as soon as we know it.

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