Networking Newsletter: Issue 22: Feb/Mar'99

Last updated: February 1999


So what is the Networking Newsletter?

As many people have said, "It's great", ".the best way to find out what's really going on in Manchester's campaigning scene", and "a bloody good buy"!

Every other month, the Newsletter gives news on what groups have been up to and what they have planned, a huge list of campaigners and activists, and a multi-colour "Clash Avoidance Calendar" listing over 100 forthcoming meetings, demos and other events. That's the printed version - this Web site has most (but not all) the news included, but on the other hand is updated at least weekly. Of course, I want your subscriptions to help cover the expenses (currently coming out of my pocket).

Mr. Cooper says 'buy the wonderful Networking Newsletter' In fact, the (printed) newsletter is so good that Alan Cooper (pictured right), of Cetacea Defence, still wants it although he's moved to Dorset!

Since last time…

The last issue focussed on the 50th anniversary of the signing of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR). Ironically, the US and UK decided during that time to bomb Iraq. Hence our major story this issue is all about "hands off Iraq". There's plenty of other news on all types of campaigns, and the usual events listings.

Over the next month, I shall be redesigning this site. The emphasis will shift from a "printed edition" basis to a "campaign area" basis. Obviously, your views on this idea are very welcome - please use the feedback form.

Thanks for visiting! Michael :)

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The Networking Newsletter Project relies on donations to survive so, to encourage you to subscribe to the real thing, we have included here but a sample of the printed newsletter.


This section covers news, information, and updates on campaigns and issues relevant to activists in the region.
Hands off Iraq
Manchester campaigners' reaction to last years' bombing, and plans to stop all sanctions against Iraq

fcuk fur
Latest on the anti-fur campaign

Council Coming Clean?
A surprise motion at a full meeting of Manchester City Council - what's it all mean?

Stop the World
One day of coordinated international action to kick capitalism off the planet

No bombs on Iraq - march
Get Radio Powered
Opportunity to get involved with Radio Re-Gen

Battle at Waterloo
Stop the hare coursing 'Grand National'

Siemens Says…
Face to face with the nuclear industry

Red Rope
Take time off the green way

Manchester to Bilwi
Links with Nicaragua

Radio Regen
Rolls Royce Nuclear Ghost
Update on disgraced Rolls Royce base

Wasted Opportunity
GM Waste Disposal Authority's plans revealed

Legal Eagles at Arthur's Wood
Latest news from anti- Manchester runway 2 campaign

Update on Barry
Why Barry Horne stopped his hunger strike

Changing Bookmarks
Frontline is on the move

Waste not!


Siemens - double standards Not included in the on-line version
News included in the newsletter, but not here, includes:
  • Beans Sprout Success
    Hulme activists stop ASDA selling GM beans

  • Free Insulation, Energy Efficient Bulbs and so on
    Ring 0800 072 0150 for info
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Clash Avoidance Calendar

The hardcopy of the Networking Newsletter includes a double-page colour pull out "clash avoidance calendar" which gives a graphical description of who's doing what, when and where.

Activities are spilt between


Check out the most up-to-date and comprehensive contacts list of campaigners in and around Manchester.


An (almost) regular feature in the Networking Newsletter is a spotlight on different groups working towards similar goals. Previous Networking Newsletters have focused on the following:

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