Council Coming Clean?

Readers will welcome, and may be surprised at, a recent motion put to the full meeting of Manchester City Council. The motion stated that "this Council notes with concern the increasing cost and impact of air pollution on the residents of the City of Manchester". It goes on to give the Council's belief that "in the U.K. road transport is the single major cause of air pollution; the Government would be right to set national road traffic reduction targets". Finally, the Council resolved to produce a report on "the extent of air pollution monitoring. the reported level of asthma amongst school-children in the City of Manchester; the measures the City Council has taken, and plans to take, to reduce its own contribution to local air pollution; . the scope for a public awareness programme through schools, council offices and the general public; and to call upon the City's Members of Parliament to support action to invest in public transport, to cut car use".

Fine sentiments? Good intentions? We hope so. We hope that the Council is planning much more than just the production of a report and we look forward to the MPs cutting car use nationally, and the Councillors doing so locally. With the Council elections coming up in just a few months, let's see what promises are made.

PS: A joke for you - What's the difference between a traffic engineer and a terrorist? Well, you can negotiate with a terrorist!