From Manchester to Bilwi

A member of the Nicaragua Links group will be visiting Manchester's twin town of Bilwi (previously called Puerto Cabezas) on the Atlantic Coast of Nicaragua at the beginning of February. She will be working with local health workers, looking into developing a homeopathic health programme. This is part of a wider project called PACHI (Pan Central American Crisis Homeopathic Initiative) set up in response to the hurricane emergency. PACHI is also developing projects in Honduras. For more information contact Annie Manogue (0161 225 7352, If anybody would like to send donations to Bilwi, Annie will be able to take them - as long as they are in money, and not goods - and she leaves on February 12.

There will be a visitor from Bilwi in Manchester, possibly during February or March, for a couple of weeks, working with the City Council. If anybody is interested in meeting her/him please contact us.

Nicaragua Links (Kay Bastin on 0161 881 6989 or