Barry dies (Nov 2001)

Update on Barry

In the last issue (only sent to subscribers!) we highlighted the plight of Barry Horne who was on his death bed as a result of an on-going hunger strike. Barry was on hunger strike in protest at the Labour government's refusal to set up a Royal Commission on vivisection - a specific promise made in their pre-election statements.

After 68 days, and just a few days if not hours from dying, Barry decided to stop his hunger strike. During the previous few days a lot of "behind the scenes" political manoeuvring had been happening and Barry was sent various documents. After studying these he decided that there was enough positive indication pointing towards the end of animal experiments for him to end his hunger strike. He rescinded his living will and was immediately rushed to hospital to receive treatment.

Proposals were put forward which he believes will provide an element of independence for the Animals Procedures Committee (APC). The APC will now report to the Associate Party Group for Animal Welfare, who then report back to the government with their opinions about the APC.

Labour are now under immense pressure to keep their promises on animal issues and it is up to us all to make sure they do.

Sadly, it looks as though Barry's recovery is going to be a long process. He is in extreme pain nearly all the time as his body begins to attempt to function normally again. The latest information we have is from December when things became so severe that doctors had to administer morphine to Barry as a painkiller. Through this period of recuperation, Barry needs as much support as ever. Write to him at HMP Full Sutton, Moor Lane, York YO4 1PS.

Barry has given a great step forward for the fight against the vivisection industry and animal abuse in general. Now it is up to every one of us to increase the campaign; to take what Barry has done and use it for the animals.

Animals Betrayed Coalition (0181 208 3289,