Shell Action in memory of Ken Saro Wiwa

Fifteen activists managed to practically close down the Shell station on the A57 in Salford all one morning in November, despite having seven police vans attend the site. A body was hung from the station forecourt, banners blocked the entrance, and passing drivers were leafletted about Shell's activities in Nigeria.

The action was in respect of Ken Saro Wiwa and eight other Ogoni activists who were murdered in November 1995. Their only crime was to campaign, peacefully, for Shell to stop destroying the Ogoni homelands in their never ending quest for oil.

During the Manchester action, only several psychotic drivers who were prepared to run people down in order to get their petrol from this particular station, succeeded in buying any petrol that morning. Most people did not even attempt to drive in, having seen the blockade and the huge amounts of police at the entrance. Several drivers who did attempt to drive in, having read the leaflet, decided to drive out again without buying petrol. One person was arrested, for Breach of the Peace, whilst trying to prevent a car driving in once too often, but was later released without charge.

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