Another Gandalf Victory

After much legal wrangling the case against Robin Webb the ALF (Animal Liberation Front) Press Officer and Paul Rodgers editor of Green Anarchist (GA), the second Gandalf (GA and ALF) trial has collapsed.

The prosecution, in a move to use the evidence from the first case against the two defendants, had argued that as the trial was quashed on appeal then it had legally never happened, thus all evidence could be used. The appeal court agreed. In an astute legal move the barrister of Robin Webb, James Woods, argued that if the case had been quashed then these two defendants should not be in court as all the defendants had been charged and committed together in magistrates court, thus they had never been committed to Crown Court. The case was dropped.

We have no way of knowing how much this case has cost but over £100,000 is not a small estimate. Another crashing defeat for Hampshire police, and another failure of the state trying to silence Robin Webb.

Taken from the Animal Liberation Frontline Information Service web site