Tameside Carers

Two hundred and fifty carers in Tameside are now entering the fifth month of their strike. Since 1992, the trust employing the carers has forced massive wages cuts, reduced some sick pay and scrubbed all weekend bonuses. Then in 1997, the carers' union discovered that the trust had made 750,000 profit, so they asked for a pay rise for their members. The union, however, was met by a demand for more wage cuts of up to 2 per hour and the loss of another week's holiday. Not surprisingly, a strike was called.

However, the media coverage of the strike, and the reasons behind it, has been sadly lacking. Make your voice heard by protesting to Roy Oldham, Tameside MBC, Wellington Road, Ashton OL6 6DL or show support by ringing the strike committee on 0161 308 2452.