Arthurs Wood

A beautiful area of ancient woodland, beside Manchester Airport is about to be destroyed. A large part of Arthur's Wood is under threat of felling in order to create an "Obstacle Limitation" surface for planes using the runway. The woodland belongs to the National Trust, who claim to "protect land forever. for everyone", but who are going to allow Manchester Airport PLC, in the interests of profit, to evict the protesters who are trying to save our natural ecological heritage.

Arthur's Wood camp was established in June this year and is occupied by a small group of committed activists, who will defend the trees using nonviolent direct action, if the National Trust and Manchester Airport PLC do not back down.

Fortunately, though, we have a good chance of winning this battle in the courts because it is illegal for the National Trust to permit work on their land if the work does not improve that land. Furthermore, it is questionable whether Manchester Airport PLC will be allowed to evict protesters who live on land that is not owned by the company.

In order to save Arthur's wood, we need the help and support of local people and other activists. Visitors are very welcome and donations of food, warm clothing, rope, wood and so on are gratefully received.

Latest info

Arthur's Wood Camp (07775 602 954)