Dying to End Vivisection Due to Government Lies

STOP PRESS: Barry dies

Barry Horne, gaoled for 18 years for taking nonviolent direct action in defence of animals tortured in laboratories, began his third hunger strike on October 6th, exasperated by the failure of the Labour Government to honour its election pledges on animal issues. Barry will continue his hunger strike until the government sets up a Royal Commission on vivisection - a specific promise made by the Labour Party in its pre-election statement on animal issues.

After nearly two months hunger strike, Barry is about to slip into a coma, from which he may not recover, has had his pagan last rights administered and has been moved from prison to a police-guarded bed in hospital after doctors decided his condition was critical.

As Barry said, "The fight is not for us, not for our personal wants and needs. It is for every animal that has ever suffered and died in the vivisection labs, and for every animal that will suffer and die in those same labs unless we end this evil business now! The souls of the tortured dead cry out for justice, the cry of the living is for freedom. We can create that justice and we can deliver that freedom. The animals have no-one but us, we will not fail them."

A close friend who visited him in prison just before he was transferred to hospital, said Barry seemed to be hours rather than days from death, having lost most of his sight and being unable to walk. Barry has drawn up a living will which states that he wants no medical help if he loses consciousness. Doctors said last week that even if he did give up the fast, his chances of survival were slim.

"Barry is still hoping that the Government will grant him a royal commission and he will not give up until they do. He is still determined to win, but if he doesn't win he will die," said a spokesman for Animals Betrayed Coalition.

Action to take

  1. Write, phone and fax the home office to give them your views: Ric Evans or Steve Wilkes, Room 977, 50 Queen Anne's Gate, London, England SW1H 9AT. Tel: 0171 273 2861, fax: 0171 273 2029.
  2. Phone, visit or write to your MP.
  3. Demonstrate! Be at Hillgrove Farm, Oxford (where they breed cats for torture) at 12 noon on Saturday 12 December. Transport from Manchester is available by ringing Kath on 0161 248 0835.
  4. Send Barry letters of support at: Barry Horne, Room 7, Ward 32, York District Hospital, Wigginton Road, York YO31 7HE. Barry, although no longer able to reply, says all letters of support greatly help him continue his strike.

Latest info

Manchester Animal Protection (0845 456 2492)