Tune in, turn off and nukes out

Tune in and listen! Mid-September saw the opportunity for people to "opt out" from getting their electricity from their usual source. Many people can now get their electricity from a greener company. According to Friends of the Earth, the most green option is, currently, the "ecotricity" sold by the Renewable Energy Company.

Unfortunately, we haven't yet got the option in Manchester to move away from NorWeb, who FoE claim are only "average" in terms of moving towards more renewable energy sources and have a "poor" record on energy efficiency. However, we can still do our part by conserving energy - for example by turning off lights when not in use, moving to energy efficient lighting and turning thermostats down by 1oC - and by writing to NorWeb saying that unless they improve their act we're move our accounts away from them as soon as we can. Norweb are at Talbot Road, Manchester M16 0HQ.
FoE will send you a free copy of "A Guide to Buying Green Electricity", which compares different energy providers, if you send an SAE to FoE, 26/28 Underwood Street, London N1.
To those who argue that nuclear energy is green, we say, "nukes out!". Indeed, Manchester City Council have just produced a free booklet, "Is Nuclear Power the Answer to Climate Change?". This gives more ideas for energy saving and sustainable energy. This time the emphasis is to use less (or greener energy ) to get rid of nuclear power stations more quickly.

"Other technologies which are better for the environment, pose no general threat to public safety, and create work are also available to generate power and help us use it more effectively", as Councillor Bill Risby, Chair Nuclear Policy Working Party of Manchester City Council, put it in the foreword.

To read the full story in this new publication write to the Sustainabilty Group, Environment and Development, Town Hall, Manchester M60 3NY.

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