The Wonderful One World Centre

What you haven't heard of it? In case you haven't been there already there is a cooperative of campaign groups in Manchester City Centre. It is situated behind the Central Library in the basement of the Friends Meeting House (the big sandstone building with the stone steps and columns). Go down the road to the right of the Meeting House (Central Street), then through the door half way down the side, through the door immediately on your right, down the steps and there you are!

Once you have found this hidden treasure, you will uncover the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament, Manchester Friends of the Earth, Manchester Environmental Resources Initiative (MERCi), Manchester Wildlife, the (land) Mines Advisory Group, genetiX snowball and information from other non-habitants including Enough, the Chernobyl Children's Project, the Networking Newsletter Project, Manchester Greenpeace, CARDRI, Puerto Cabezaz Direct Links, Manchester Campaign Against the Arms Trade and Sprocket.

There is always plenty of information about what's going on in Manchester. Sympathetic groups (green, development, anti-racist, gay rights, peace, animal rights) can display posters and leaflets there: contributions welcome! Many people pass through the centre and it is an great place to publicise events and campaigns.

Visitors are welcome, the building is usually open 10-4, Monday to Friday. Like minded groups are also able to hire a pigeon hole which costs from £5 per year. If you would like to send in your posters or leaflets, please write to Clare, One World Centre, 6 Mount Street M2 5NS.

See you there soon.