Charities Shock - No Diana Money Given to Landmine Clearance

I work as a volunteer at the Manchester office of the (land) Mines Advisory Group, an international mine action charity. People keep saying to me, "Your organisation must have loads of money coming in after the Diana thing." Unfortunately this is not the case.

As Lou Mc Grath wrote in a recent press release:
"The attention [Diana] brought to the mines issue has raised public awareness [and] created a difficult situation. People think we are getting the help we need to do the job at the sharp end of action against mines. It's just not true. Not one penny of the Diana Memorial Fund's o70 Million is going to mine clearance. We constantly struggle to keep our programmes running."

Shocked? Please do not be taken in by the nice words of people on telly wearing suits. The mines problem is still there; charities are still short of money to deal with it. MAG has the solutions to mine clearance but not the cash.

Clare Frisby, Mines Advisory Group (0161 835 1959)