On the move

The Latin America Information Centre (LAIC) has now moved to St. Margaret's Chambers, 5 Newton Street, Manchester, M1 1HL. Their postal address is unchanged (P.O. Box 24, Manchester, M7 4EX), but the telephone number is now 0161 236 5906 and the fax number is 0161 236 5907. Their email address is laic@globalnet.co.uk.

LAIC produces weekly newspacks on all countries and regions of the world, books flights and makes arrangements for travellers to Latin America and the Caribbean, and has hundreds of books for sale on Latin America, the Caribbean and wider ranging issues (globalisation, development, human rights, etc.). A range of Latin American jewellery, crafts and music (CDs, tapes and instruments) is also stocked.

The above activities help with the funding of LAIC, which is a non-profit organisation. LAIC has built up a library of books, documents and other archive material on Latin America, spanning the last three decades. Visitors are welcome to use this material for research, but due to limited space it is essential to ring to make an appointment first. A variety of current publications is available at LAIC for reading and reference, including Latin American Weekly Report, Weekly Report on the Americas (USA), Nicaragua News Service Weekly (USA), Brazil Network Newsletter, Cerigua Weekly Briefs (Guatemala), Proceso (El Salvador), Mesoamerica (Costa Rica), Alerta (Canada), The Economist, Africa Confidential, West Africa, Far Eastern Economic Review, Eastern Eye, The Voice and Caribbean Times.

Volunteers who have an interest in world affairs from a Chomskyist perspective and can make a regular commitment of a few hours or a few days each week will find LAIC an interesting place to work.

Latin America Info Centre (0161 236 5906, email:laic@globalnet.co.uk)