What a Dump

Manchester Civic Society's latest "Forum" has this to say about Manchester's latest out of town development (which hopefully will be the last given Labour's recent rantings):

"Dumplington, or the Trafford Centre, as its owners would have us call it, will be the last of its kind: a dinosaur before it opens. Commercially, it will no doubt be a great success, but in every other respect, which belated government policy now shows, it is a mistake of significant proportions. I f there was an opportunity to inject such an important commercial investment into the Manchester region then this should have been done in such a way as to reinforce the existing commercial infrastructure of the region. The Manchester region has at its heart the city centre and this is where the investment should have been directed. Who knows, with this level of investment Manchester could have had a replacement for the much criticised Arndale Centre! Instead of which, the populace is now burdened with two such leviathans, each vying for the same customer base."

Manchester Civic Society (0161 236 0051)