Networking Newsletter: Issue 20: October/November 1998

Last updated: Summer 2003

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Welcome to another jam-packed Networking Newsletter. In fact I had so much material I couldn't get it all in. Time constraints also meant that I was unable to layout it out as well as normal - but the content is still important!

There will only be a mini-newsletter coming out in December and the next "full" one will be printed in mid-January and cover events up to March. Financial constraints mean that only paid-up members will get the December issue - sorry but the debt collectors threatened to take away the computer otherwise!

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This section covers news, information, and updates on campaigns and issues relevant to activists in the region.
HLS Hell Hole Closed?
Victorious news from a local animal rights campaign

Newton's Laws of Motion
Latest from the OK Cafe

The Wonderful One World Centre
The underground centre for Manchester's underground movement

No Genes in School
A round-up of recent anti-genetic engineering campaigns

HLS demo
Peace is Possible
Is the abolition of war possible?

Memorial Action
Siemens stain the environment, and the environmentalists abstain from Siemens

25 Years of Transport Action
'Tis a silver jubilee for Greater Manchester Transport Action Group

Vengeance ain't sweet
Protesting against yet another nuclear submarine

Charities Shock
She might have worked for land mine victims but Princess Di's memorial fund isn't

Emerging in Front
Local recyclers strike it rich

Scream for vengeance
On the move again
The Latin America Information Centre relocates its vast resources

What a Dump
The Civic Society's not-so-civil view of Dumplington

Tune in, Turn off, Nukes out
Energy liberalisation - yes please. Nuclear power - no thanks.

Ray Leach Memorial Centre
A £100,000 tribute

Christmas Capers
Who's celebrating, when and where (most of the pubs in Manchester!)


Not included in the on-line version
News included in the newsletter, but not here, includes:
  • Crowded Baths - Heritage Open days at Ardwick's Victorian Baths
  • Oldham Anarchists - starting the revolution
  • Funky Funds - where to get lots of money from
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