Sainsbury's - where bad food costs lives

An account of local actions on "Stop Exotic Meat Sales" day on Saturday 25 July.

Skippy wasn't happy, in fact he was hopping mad. I warned the 'roo not to get arrested because he would be found guilty in a Kangaroo court of British law. I knew this from personal experience: out sabbing, arrested for nought, police lying under oath, and whether you are 'roo or human the verdict from the beaks is the same. Skippy
Skippy outside Sainsbury's

As I said the 'roo was mad, 4 and half million of his kind murdered in the outbacks of Australia, authorised by the government to supply an international trade in meat (with road kills and "sport" hunting the figure is 9 million in total), under the guise of pest control. Yet recent studies show kangaroos don't compete with the sheep for grazing. Having been around for millions of years and the land only colonised by white immigrants in the last centuries, one is posed to ask who is the real threat to the environment? Of course it's humans with their thirst for the flesh of farmed animals.

Companies like Sainsbury's are situated to manipulate this market in "exotic meat". They are the only UK store selling kangaroo and ostrich meats. So we took Skippy to the Sale and Altrincham stores, along with the usual leaflets. It would have been useful if he had been a she for temporary storage of the hundreds of flyers we gave out (in her pouch!). The manager at Sale says the company want dialogue with Viva, the one at Altrincham says they have sold out of kangaroo meat: someone's speaking with forked tongue! At this point our 'roo went berserk leaping on top of parked cars, understandably too, these complicits (cars and shoppers) in 'roo slaughter, at which point PC plod informed him of his rights and said, "you don't have to say anything but..."

Viva are calling on people to put pressure on Sainsbury's to stop selling kangaroo meat. All the other supermarkets have pulled out of selling this "exotic" meat so now's the time to let Sainsbury's know what you think. Write to Mr. D. Adriano, Chief Executive, Sainsbury's, Stamford House, Stamford Street, London SE1 9LL and ring their customer services on freephone 0800 636 262.

VIVA (Vegetarian International Voice for Animals), 12 Queens Sq. Brighton. BN1 3FD or email