In Tribute to Ray Leach

It is with sadness that we have to report the passing away of Ray Leach after a long, brave battle against cancer. Ray spent many years with the Greater Manchester and District Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament, acting as both treasurer and full time volunteer, taking the CND suitcase to many, many local shows and festivals. Ray was also one of the initiators of the One World Centre when it first set up in Paton Street, and enthusiastically help set up the One World shop there. Ray was also a keen environmentalist and gardener and spent much time over recent years helping run the Vegan Organic Horticultural Agricultural Network (VOHAN) as well as spending time in his, and helping novices like me in my, allotment.

As Linda Walker, a former worker at CND, said, "Ray was unfailingly tolerant, kind spirited and generous with his time and energy. Every time CND held a meeting, stall or conference, he was always quietly involved in the background making sure it was a success. He attended every demonstration come rain or shine. We will never be able to replace him."

Ray running a stall at one of the many New Mills "One World Festivals" he attended

VOHAN have now started the Ray Leach VOHAN Education Trust, which aims to set up a farm to study all aspects of growing food the vegan way. As David Graham of VOHAN said, "We have given the name of Ray Leach to the trust as a way of honouring a friend who contributed so much to the early days of VOHAN. Despite his illness Ray worked on the theory and practice of vegan-organics until his death on June 24. He was dedicated to the causes that had been significant throughout his life. Causes and campaigns that embraced the philosophy of peace and compassion." So far the trust has raised over £1,200. VOHAN welcomes all ideas and subscriptions that help them move nearer to their goals. For more information contact David on 0161 860 4869.

Michael, Networking Newsletter editor