Stop! Look! Listen! Demonstrate!

All British nuclear weapons are now based in Scotland. In view of the elections for a Scottish Parliament in May 1999, it is vital we take this opportunity to demonstrate our horror at these weapons of mass destruction. There are 3 Trident submarines at Faslane and one of them is always out on patrol, ready to fire its missiles.

So, join the Saturday 15 August "Stop! Look! Listen! Demonstrate!" day of protest against nuclear weapons at Faslane. In the morning there will be street activity handing out leaflets and balloons. The main activity will be at North Gate of the base in the afternoon. This will include having STOP signs, looking around the base, and speakers from "For Mother Earth" (an international group of activists who will have just completed a peace walk from Brussels), Trident Ploughshares, Scottish CND and Faslane Peace Camp.

In the late afternoon, Scottish CND have chartered the Second Snark, to take passengers on a cruise to get a clearer view of the submarine base. In the evening there will be a Ceilidh and food at South Gate from 5.30pm, and anyone is welcome to bring their instruments and join in.

Greater Manchester CND are organising transport to the event, leaving early Saturday morning and returning Sunday - get in touch as soon as possible if you would like to book a space. Cost will depend on numbers, but will be less than a tenner.

Trident Ploughshares 2000

Sylvia Boyes, Jens Light, Rachel Wenham and Angie Zelter were arrested after peacefully and nonviolently attempting to uphold international law by disarming the Trident nuclear submarine base at Faslane in Scotland.

Rachel and Sylvia had a trial and were released with a fine. Angie Zelter and Jens Light are expected to be held in prison until their court date of 22 September. They were arrested after cutting through Faslanes high security fence. Jens refused to accept bail conditions under which he would need to promise not to commit further offences or continue to try to disarm Trident.

There are now four more women inside with Angie (and presumably Jens): they are Helen John, Hannah, Katri, and Krista.

Cards and letters of support to the women can be sent to: HMP Cornton Vale, Cornton Road, Stirling FK9 5NY. If you have any questions about what you can and cannot send in, please ring Cornton Vale on 01786 832 591. Cards and letters for Jens Light can be sent to: HMP Greenock, Gateside, Greenock PA16 9AH. Questions about what is allowed can be directed to: 01475 787 801.

The "Stop! Look! Listen!" demonstration coincides with (and is timed to support) the Trident Ploughshares 2000 action at Faslane, where activists from all over the world are coming together to take part in a mass nuclear ploughshares action. The nuclear weapon states refuse to comply with international law and eliminate all of their nuclear arsenals, so now it is time for global citizens to act to uphold the law, and do the disarmament themselves. The aim is to "endeavour to peacefully, openly and accountably disarm the British Trident system".

Activists have been in negotiations with government and officials and, if no significant moves are made towards disarmament, they will be taking nonviolent direct action (NVDA) in affinity groups from 11-25 August.

There is a group of people from Manchester travelling up to help out at the Trident Ploughshares action. They are not intending to take part in the actual NVDA, but wish to express solidarity with those doing the disarming, by offering practical help. They will be helping with food, the information stall, and general transporting of people and stuff. If you would like to join them, contact CND and book a space on the minibus, which will leave on Wednesday 12 and return on Sunday 16 August. Travel costs will hopefully be very minimal, maybe even free!

Disgrace the Base

A little later in the year, and further south, there will be a National Anti-Nukes Action at "a base which is inextricably linked with nuclear weapons production". The action, timed for the global Abolition Day (Thursday 1 October) is open to everybody and there will be transport from Manchester. Contact CND for travel details and ring 0113 262 9365 for more details on the action.

Greater Manchester and District CND (0161 834 8301)
Trident Ploughshares 2000: (01603 611 953)