GANDALF Convictions Quashed

Three journalists who spent four months in prison for the 'crime' of reporting the facts about direct action protests, were celebrating this week when their convictions were quashed in the High Court. The editors of Green Anarchist (GA) magazine were originally found guilty of conspiracy and sentenced to three years each. The High Court judges strongly criticised the original judge for misdirecting the jury and giving excessive sentences. One of the three Noel Molland told SchNEWS "Thanks to all your readers and staff for all the support while we were inside, its been really appreciated, but let's not forget their are still activists in prison who still need our support."

Paul Rogers, another GA editor still up on the same ridiculous charges told us it was a "hammer blow" for the authorities, who have spent over £4 million of taxpayers money getting nowhere fast trying to silence the underground press. Ha!

NB: Remaining editors win court case - REPORT