July 4 - World Day for Captive Dolphins

A review of recent activities for the World Day whose concept is that of local campaigner, Alan Cooper

"So why bother about a few dolphins in captivity?". As a friend once scythingly joked, any animal with such a stupid grin deserves it. Well, even if the dolphin wasn't indisputably one of the most graceful beings on the planet, I would still be trying to educate the patrons of the insidious shows and others simply because I believe herein lies the malaise and sickness to western society. Consumption; disposable dolphins for a throw away mentality. Change that attitude and the world will improve, ain't it so?


You can't break into a dolphinarium and take back what they have stolen, I wish it were so. The only ways to freedom are by changing legislation to make it unprofitable for the slave trade to operate or by changing the misconception of the customer. So, I started 6 years ago "July 4th - World Day For Captive Dolphins".

It's never easy motivating, even people who ostensibly are on your side, so I was happier that this year the 4th was a world happening. Demos at Vancouver Aq, Marineland Canada (ladies did a "we'd rather go topless than go in" - more hits on 4th web site photos no doubt), Marineworld USA, Kolmarden Sweden, Shinagawa Aq ("we want neither shows or meat"), Japan, plus educational work in the Philippines and the launch of a campaign against the Antwerp show in Belgium.

So where was the author? I was at the Cetacean Freedom Network two day meeting in Finland, and the World Day action at Tampere. This got massive coverage, national/local tv and radio/press. I also spent a further 4 days leafletting outside the prison. For avid readers of Networking Newsletter, who remember my report 18 months ago, it wasn't -22 this time but +30 and I had my own log cabin in the woods on the edge of a lake, courtesy of Tellervo, our friendly city counsellor (the dolphinarium is owned by Tampere council).

I'll tell you what Michael [the editor/web maestro], youth, if you go down in the woods today in Finland you'll never believe your eyes: mooses, brown bears (don't touch, they're not teddies) but have plenty of mossy repellent handy!! I missed the brown bear, but saw the moose. Finland is bbbeautiful, even more so when we close that dolphinarium.

No one is free when other nations are oppressed!

Alan Cooper, Cetacea Defence (0161 223 1839, cetaceadefence@hotmail.com)