Do your Piece for Peace

The "Walk for Disarmament" will be passing through Manchester on Thursday 23 July, and leaving on Friday 24. They are linking up sites of nuclear crime across the UK. "For Mother Earth", a peace/environment organisation from Belgium, are organising the walk from an international peace camp at NATO HQ in Belgium to the international direct disarmament action camp, Trident Ploughshares at Faslane, Scotland. For Mother Earth "finds walking an effective way to campaign and inform people about nuclear issues". The walkers demand that nuclear weapons have to be taken off alert, new nuclear weapon-free zones have to be created, and multilateral negotiations to ban all nuclear weapons have to start immediately.

In the UK, the walk is organised in co-operation with London Region CND, Scottish CND and Greater Manchester and District CND who are asking for your help! Each night the walkers need a place to stay or camp, and they hope that with your local knowledge you might be able to think of place. They are all fantastic people, and would appreciate the use of showers/laundry or food donations, parties, nice surprises, and meeting local people. Please ask around - there may be a field or church hall which could be used for them. Offers and ideas to CND on 0161 834 8301.

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